an introduction …

28 May

hello world!

my name is danielle.  i’m wife to one man (stanley) and mother to one little boy (daniel).  i love to make and do, but between house-keeping and child-rearing there aren’t many minutes left in the day to indulge in my own pursuits.  i usually don’t even have the energy to even contemplate taking out my sewing, or my painting, or whatever, after dinner’s been eaten and daniel’s in bed.  but i still harbour dreams and aspirations of hand-crafted goodies.

we’ve just moved house to the country.  it’s a beautiful house, but it needs finished.  it’s not a building site by any means – no, it finished well inside – it’s just not finished finished (if you know what i mean! ha ha!)

it needs decorated.  it needs colour.  it needs patterns and furniture and rugs and stencils and curtains and everything else.  and it’s all up to me.

i don’t have unlimited funds to just go out and buy what i want.  this entire home “improvement” will be done on a budget.  and it will stetch my creative abilities.  but i know i can do it, if i put my mind to it.  and i can’t wait to learn new skills.

but first of all i need to find a few minutes here and there in order to implement my new skills!!  🙂

i’m going to share my progress here.  and i’ll be posting other people’s wonderful tutorials that i’ve used, or that i plan to.  and i’ll show you photos of my inspiration.  and photos of my interpretation (read: what mine ends up looking like! ha ha!)  hopefully by the end of it i’ll have a stunningly beautiful house, and i’ll have the pride (humble pride of course) in knowing that i did it myself.

if i manage to squeeze just a few more extra minutes out of my busy busy days then i also plan to start making my own gifts to save money … but seriously, at this point that’s still just a pipe dream!  🙂


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