My Leprechaun Rainbow Cake

31 May

this time last year i was very heavily pregnant – but only for a few more hours.  in the wee small hours of 1st june 2010 i went into labour, and shortly after midday daniel made his way into my world.

my life is better because of him.  i’ve only had the pleasure of knowing him for one year, but i can honestly say it’s been the best year of my life.

tomorrow is his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!  i can’t believe he is already one!  we’re not doing anything big for his birthday – he won’t know what’s happening, and we’re kind of looking forward to just having a wonderful, relaxing day with our son, enjoying him.  if the weather’s good we’re going to head to the beach (it doesn’t look promising, i must admit 😦 ), going to our favourite chinese restaurant for lunch (yeah, that particular treat is especially for us parents! ha ha!), visiting grandparents for a short while before indulging in cake.  beautiful cake.

and this is where my part comes in.  yes, i don’t want an extravagant party, but i did want a special cake for daniel.  he loves sugar, and i love him – hence the cake  🙂

megan is not martha, but she’s pretty darn close!  she made a cake a while ago – a leprechaun trap cake – that i have taken my inspiration from.  i’m not as good as her, not even close, but i made a stab at it, and here is my result …

start with a box of white cake mix, and make up as it says to on the box

grease the cake tin

split the cake mix into 7 bowls - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple ... and the remaining left white. the ratios for splitting can be found on not martha's site

add food colouring to each of the bowls. a word to the wise - perhaps using food colouring so near your white laptop isn't the best idea in the world??

put the cake mix into the angel cake tin - white, then red, orange ........ putting each "ring" of each new colour inside the previous colour

all the colours are now completed - cook in the oven at 170C/325F for about 20/25 minutes - i checked mine a few times before it was completely cooked through

pretty pretty colours left over

the smell is too good for daniel to stay away 🙂

cover the cake in green frosting - to represent grass. a little imagination may be required when looking at my cake! ha ha!

mine looked a bit boring and bare, so i added a ring of skittles round the edge for a splash of colour - "taste the rainbow" and all that jazz

goodnight daniel! next time i see you you'll be ONE!

my frosting was a complete disaster!!  i did try and make it look like grass like megan did, but after adding 1 kg of icing sugar, the consistency was still too runny to take any shape form other than just flat on my cake.  that’s probably why the finished cake looked so darn boring before i added lots of sweets!

i don’t know what the inside looks like yet – we’ll be singing “happy birthday” and cutting it tomorrow.  i’ll share my success (or lack thereof) of that tomorrow or the day after.  i really hope it worked out ok – it would be such a disappointing 1st birthday cake if it was a complete failure!!  🙂

this isn’t a tutorial.  if you want to make this cake yourself then i suggest you follow the actual tutorial on not martha’s blog.  she knows what she’s talking about more than me.  but i’m pleased with my first attempt at it.  (maybe – we’ll see how we all enjoy it tomorrow!!)


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